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Give your car the performance it deserves!


Why BoostTown?

Because we are genuine enthusiasts with the passion and know-how to enhance your car’s performance. BoostTown combines our passion with German engineering to deliver innovative products. We’re not just businessmen in it for the money; we’re a small family of perfectionists with fuel running through our veins and we want to pass this on to you!

Development without compromise!

We want to bring you the very best! An intake, just a pipe, right? Our parts go beyond appearances. We design them to be smooth and free of edges, reducing turbulence and resistance to the minimum, fully unleashing the venturi effect. Our intercoolers follow the same principle: maximum efficiency, minimum restriction. Everything is carefully optimized to provide the best performance possible!

Materials that make the difference

Our selection of materials speaks for itself: glass fiber-reinforced PPS, forged carbon fiber and selected metals. Only the best, so that your car always performs at the highest level.

Road approval and compatibility

All our parts are not only approved for road use, but are also designed to be combined with other BoostTown products - and sometimes even with parts from other manufacturers. And wherever possible, we supply a registration-free ABE. Install, get on and have fun!

Fancy some carbonara?

Oh yes. By the way, we can also do optical parts! Thanks to our network of partners, we can also supply you with a range of cosmetic parts made from 100% Forged Carbon or the well-known full carbon.
Because let's be honest: looking good while the passenger clings on is simply part of it.



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